21st Century Palmistry & Hand Analysis | taught by Kat Anders

Course description

What You'll Learn

In this course, you will learn the Basics of Hand Analysis, you'll understand how to recognize and decipher the four major lines in the hands. Hand Shapes and their meaning. Fingertip Shapes and their meaning. You'll understand how to decipher the finger lengths, not only what each individual finger tells us, but, what they mean in relationship to each other.

Finally, you'll learn and understand what many of the main minor lines represent and what their meanings and different configurations imply.

What you will learn about:

  • Relationship/Marriage Lines
  • Children Lines
  • Money Lines
  • Achievement Lines
  • Lifestyle & Career Markings
  • Personality Type
  • Talents
  • Ability
  • Potential
Kat Anders
Kat Anders
Hand Analyst

Master's Degree in Health Education.
Bachelor's Degree in Music Education.
American Cancer Society Board Member.
22 years of Research on Spinal Health.

Development of unique reading techniques related to Guardian Angels and Spinal health.
Over 35 years experience of Hand & Palm Analysis.
Over 6000 Readings.
Taught in the public schools for 8 years.
Health counselor.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 - Introduction - Palmistry Hand & Palm Analysis
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Chapter 2 - The Major Lines
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Chapter 3 - Timelines
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Chapter 4 Marriage - Relationship & Children Lines
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Chapter 5 - Personality - Talents - Potential
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Chapter 6 - Money - Achievement - Career & Lifstyle
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